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~CALIFORNIA GRACE~ [20 Sep 2005|05:48pm]


A music video produced by MNJ Productions, Shortbus' "California Grace" (IM IN IT!!!) has just been nominated to win Best Performance video, in the MVwire/DivX Music Video contest.
I need everybody's help to win. The winner is picked by the voting public. Voting is super simple.
Just click this link:


click "Vote Now" and put a check mark next to the "Shortbus" video. It's that simple. The whole thing should take you less then 10 seconds.

Thanks for voting and supporting everyone that
worked so hard on the video!!

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Leave me once, Love me twice [18 Aug 2005|12:26am]
[ mood | loved ]

Saying goodbye to the office felt incomplete. I am going to have to take them all to Studio 9 in San Jose tomorrow night, which means I need to get my packing finished tonight! Except for my computer, of course. That is always last. It's just so big. I bought some XL and XXL Ziploc baggies to put my stuff in.. and that's no lie. They are phenomenal, and from now on I am not moving without these giant baggies. I seriously fit all of my clothes into four XL Ziplocs, and I have way too much clothes.

The upside: I feel more loved than I possibly ever have. I have a constant sense of being loved, but when you almost get a goodbye kiss on the lips from someone whose girlfriend is sitting in a van parked directly behind you, that is special. I was almost kissed by the world's dumbest boyfriend. My other manager / friend, Chris, loves me and wants to love me so badly. Kyle and his sweet nothings almost made me cry tonight. Annique is determined to visit from Monterey, and will convince Scott to do the same. Brandon almost died when I tore myself from his arms. Making such an impact on so many people really touches me. It gave me the power I needed to finish my packing. I have to organize my boxes so that I can maximize each's potential, and categorize my belongings. My clothes are taken care of, and a majority of my office supplies. I have plenty of boxes left, so I am going to have to optimize the space saved in each. By this time, I am a professional at moving. I am a professional.

All I had today was a Venti non-fat quad shot iced mocha, and a few pieces of sushi. I love being away from my parents. I want to take this time to express that I know how special I am, and I expect phenomenal things out of myself because I'm so loved by my friends.

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arrrgh [16 Aug 2005|02:02am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I am so mad because I have this problem that I don't know how to handle.

It is a romantic problem, and the simple fact is that I can't get over my ex boyfriend, even though I have had many, many, mannnnnny rebounds and new experiences, and character development, and I am a smarter person, who still loves him. I'm such a dumb little monkey. I've been so busy lately. I've been keeping busy to forget about him. I've had 12 different jobs in 3 years. I've had wayy too many hookups and dated around quite a lot.

So of course nobody will really be able to help me through this problem but myself, but I wanted to state its nature, anyway.

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draaaama in the bu [10 Aug 2005|02:19pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

An update from the Bu.. Marls had to fly to Monty really quick cause of a family emergency.. that's a popular phrase these days.. and so she and Murr are playing house in the parents' house while they're gone. Yiiikes I'm super jeal.. that sounds like a ton of fun. Anywhoo, I am probably going to give her another call sometime today and maybe she can get to Berkeley or I can get to Monterey or, better, Santa Cruz because that's where Zak's office is and you know how I do with that freaky bad boy. :-) Haha I love it. Incriminating pictures of Marleyyy, Jilly, and the boys are not to be disclosed as of yet. Not until we discern their level of incrimination. Haven't really seen Marley and Jill since like the Kaiser Chiefs concert in San Francisco last week! Wow.

Gbye lovies!! I'm off to find something clear to wear in my lip so my family doesn't flip about the piercing. That is the most futile thing I've ever done, but whatevs.

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11:35 on the balcony [05 Aug 2005|11:45am]
[ mood | calm ]

I do enjoy smoking entirely way too much, although happily I am not addicted. Abbie and I are going to clean up the place before her baby sister gets here this weekend. No more alcoholic bevs, no more cig packs and butts, no more lighters, certainly no Snuggles, and no more dirty clothes. Unfortunately I will be at work all day at the CD (ofuck) and the next day I will be out all day again in San Jose at our Division Conference.

Camels. I am a Camels girl. I smoke Camels, I drink like a fuckin camel, and I enter buildings like a rock star, as according to my coworker, Carla. Carla: receptionist-slash-EMT. Oh yes, the EMT license came today. We at Vector Alameda are officially safe.

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On the balcony [28 Jul 2005|08:59am]
[ mood | awake ]

Knowing now that it is not hard indeed to hold multiple simultaneous jobs (and of course, mine are all more impressive) I am no longer intrigued by Derek in that sense. We likable personalities can just go right on taking the world by storm, harvesting those pearls. My birthstone. The world is my birthright.
So yes, there are two more cute boys at my jobs. One is Woodrow, a Cold Stone employee with sloppy brown hair and pretty blue eyes. The other is Miles, a more wholesome kid at the office. One of the newer reps, who I've been taken in by on our phone conversations (all business-related) by his eagerness to work and personality. He is called Miles Makdisi. This Sunday I will not be able to work at Cold Stone because of a division meeting we are having in San Jose. My story with Vector is quite interesting. Chris, my disctrict manager at the tender age of 22, may be in love with me. At the least I intrigue him. This summer has been great for my personal development. I blame (credit?) Whitney, my BFF, for the smoking habit, which indeed gives me more social flexibility, and the rest was all my sheer improbable luck which has brought me so many people and situations. To even begin to track everything in detail makes me exhausted, but I know I must or else I will implode. So... why do I have several jobs? The money will be nice. The people skills even nicer. I would just like to say at once that I am very ovrwhelmed right now by Earth's population, and it depresses me the most that I will be fighting a losing battle by attempting my one true goal, which is to meet everybody and learn everything. I need to find my hidey-hole niche in life and stick to one thing at wh ich I can truly excel. In other words, pick something to miss out on everything else for.
Now, everyone believes (or desires) themselvs to be something extraordinary, but, following the concept that "everyone is different," that is simply not possible. Now, at a theoretical writers' block, what is there to do next?

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in the office [27 Jul 2005|03:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So, since this is a journal, I am going to be recounting my weekend. Right now, we are sweating it out. My district manager and I are secretly having cows right now, because Stephen Torres is here and he is the Division Recruiting Manager of the Bay Area. He is sweating out Chris, and he is sweating me out, because he is in charge of all the division receptionists. I am praying not to get a call while he is here. So, here I am, on my own little side of the partition. Stephen has a goofy-sounding voice, like my uncle Dave, but he is not being very goofy.
*AUGH!* He is definitely cute, but not on my Want List. Right now on my Want List I have a pearl AE ring, Peter Trudelle, and a Razor phone. I just took a few calls in front of him. I hope he wasn't mad. Stephen is roasting Lenny. And now he is roasting Carla and I via Lenny.

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written en route to Bay Fair [26 Jul 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The greatest weekend of one's life could not have ended on a better note. The real story behind how everything went is my innate, improbable good luck, which, as they say, is little more than preparation meeting opportunity. The truth is that the harder you work, the luckier you get, and now I am utterly determined to have kids, because they are like a box of chocolates: you'd never really know what you're going to get. I owe it to society to raise kids, because I was raised so correctly. I am also too pretty to not have kids. So, of course I will want to have kids with someone who will raise them correctly as well.
I am in love with my life. The view from the train twice a day is beautiful. I am having the beautiful time of my life. Even though I am still in California, and did not fly to a new country, like Laurent Zagni. That would be very lonely. Even lonelier than being in the East Bay with no prior friends or relatives. All my life my friends have been my family. And that's why I was raised right. The older I get, the happier I am. Everything is worth celebrating.
Who is keeping up with me? I want to be near those who are like me. I want to be with those who are better than me, further along than me, older. When am I going to start writing the story of my life? I need to keep a running autobiography. Each section with a separated but whole meaning. I won't have to weave plot or develop characters; I will create aliases and concentrate on perspective. I ought to study some more English.

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Summer's week [21 Jul 2005|01:39pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Professionally: I have picked up another job at Cold Stone Creamery in Berkeley, because the manager had a mini-meltdown to me and confided all the trauma of his life. I am going to an exclusive management-only party in Monterey this weekend at Annique's. I am brushing up on web so that I can help Greytank fill their newly-vacant webmastering position. Unhip Magazine is at a production halt because the executive editor has become seriously ill.

Recreationally: I am going to see Kaiser Chiefs on Monday night at Fillmore, and I have great personal recommendations on their show from The Lovemakers, who last played with the Kaisers last March. They sent me a t-shirt the other day. I bought the Harry Potter book and am trying to win tickets to Arrested Development at Slim's in San Francisco. I can't wait for the Las Vegas Vector conference in late August.

Romantically: I am in love with Zak Taffany and Peter Trudelle, both of whom will hopefully be at the party in Monterey this weekend. NO reps allowed!

Theoretically: My hobby of collecting jobs is productive as I am a business major and it's working out to be doing business in all kinds of situations. Everyone thinks differently, so the more jobs I have, the more I will learn.

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hi hi [17 Jul 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So, here is a livejournal. i don't know what to put in it.. nothing really happened today. i was up until 4 am last night and then i got back home and fell asleep and just woke up and now i'm borrrrred! it's sunday and there isn't anything to do yet!

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